We are excited to announce that 2nd year in a row we´ll be sponsoring Fintech Insider: the No.1 Podcast on FinTech and financial services on Itunes in more than 150 countries. The podcast is hosted by digital banking thought leaders David Brear (@davidbrear), Chris Skinner (@FSClub), Jason Bates (@JasonBates) and Simon Taylor (@sytaylor), who are taking listeners beyond the hype and behind the scenes of banking technology, straight from Level 39 in London.

Every week, these four Fintech Insiders invite some of the biggest names in banking and Fintech: from CEOs of financial institutions and Fintechs to the leading lights in reporting and news presenting. Strands General Manager Pau Velando has already participated in one of the first podcasts this year for an in-depth discussion about the future of PFM – has it evolved from data-driven pie charts to something more useful and invisible? If you still haven´t heard this one, you can listen to it here.

“We are excited to partner with Fintech Insider to further support the FinTech community and reduce the barriers for banks to scale their digital innovation. Our entire team is looking forward to engaging with Fintech Insider, participating in more podcasts this year and helping banks and companies like Strands innovate together”
Victoria Yasinetskaya, Director of Marketing at Strands.

“Strands took a chance on us when FinTech Insider was just an idea to educate people on the digital disruption occurring across our industry,” says David Brear, 11:FS CEO and FinTech Insider Co-Host. “Now, we’re one of the top business podcasts on iTunes. Every week, people in more than 150 countries tune in to our three shows for FinTech Insider News, Insights, and Interviews. We’re so thankful to Strands for supporting the success of our podcast.”

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