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Open Your Bank to the Data

If Open Banking brought an entire new paradigm for financial services, Open Data would transform them once and for all. Our new paper explains why Open Data will bring to the scene an entire new set of data and capabilities across all the industries.

White Papers

Beyond SME Banking Experience

How are banks and financial institutions able to address the pain points of these business owners?…

AI-Driven PFM: The Heart of Digital Banking

In this ebook, we take a close look at why banks should use data to incorporate financial wellbeing into their core strategy. We also review how white-label financial management solutions…

Open Banking & PSD2: A Change Of Paradigm

Open Banking is the topic on everyone’s lips as PSD2 deadlines as implementation dates rapidly approach. Rather than simply preparing for the future, banks should place their focus…

Invisible PFM: It must be Unseen to be Believed

Invisible PFM is the future of digital money management. A behind-the-scenes, fully-integrated solution for banks to offer their customers the means with which to manage their finances…

Harnessing The Power
 of Insights

Great relationships are built on constancy and dependability; being there when you’re most needed. Banks which can detect insights, however small, and trigger a timely and contextual response…

1st White paper on women and banking

Introducing #SheBanking: a pioneering concept created by Strands and Gemma Cernuda (Ellas Deciden). The purpose of this study is to…

SME Banking: Intelligence – Not Applied

99% of the world’s 125 million companies are SMEs. The opportunities are huge for any bank willing to offer the fully digital, personalised service they are seeking. As the Fintech partner for banks…

Making PFM Powerful: Maximize Adoption in 12 Steps

So you have your shiny new PFM, now how do you ensure its success with your customers? This white paper details how to roll out a PFM project that drives user adoption rates and generates a robust ROI.

Design Principles: Transaction Categorization

Automatic categorization of financial transactions is the centerpiece of any PFM solution. But where do transaction categories come from? How are they automatically assigned?

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FinTech Meets InsurTech: An Unprecedented Alliance in SME Financial Services

By Marc Navarro

Strategic partnerships have proven to be one of the best ways to overcome the challenges of the current global economy and bring innovative solutions to the market. In the financial services industry, Open Banking has the potential to create an exciting and dynamic collaborative ecosystem. Moving forward, alliances will undoubtedly be one of the best ways to share best practices and bring high-value solutions to customers.


Making It Personal: How AI is driving the banking revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is definitely one of the biggest drivers for change in the financial services industry. From enabling a frictionless onboarding to preventing payment fraud, the uses of AI in banking are far-reaching.

Behavioral Economics: The Bank’s Secret Weapon

Strands and Jeff Kreisler, Editor-In-Chief of PeopleScience and co-author of Dollars and Sense (with behavioral economist Dan Ariely), joined forces to explore how banks can use Behavioral Economics to win…

7 Factors: Powering the SME Banking Paradigm Shift

There is a growing opportunity for banks to become the digital disruption partner for SMEs. Let’s look at the 7 key factors for this paradigm shift in SME banking and the lucrative opportunities for banks.

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Strands Engager:
Actionable Insights for a Proactive Banking Experience

Product Sheets

PFM: The Heart of
 Digital Banking

BFM: Business
 Financial Management

OPEN HUB: One Platform, multiple data sources

Relationship banking: PFM/BFM + ENGAGER

Strands Finance Suite: Leveraging Insights in Digital Banking

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CBA & Strands Partnership:
Success Story


How to Win the FinTech Race

Strands PFM: The Heart of Digital Banking

Strands CLO: From Digital Banking to Data-Driven Marketing