Engager transforms every interaction into a guided and meaningful conversation, transforming complex data into relevant customer insights and added-value solutions in real time. Interaction with customers not only results in happy customers, but impacts directly on your core business and boosts return on investment.

The 3 Stages Of Engagement

Know me

Understand the customer’s needs and wants on a new, deeper level, based on their financial data, personal circumstances and information.

Help me

Improve your customers’ financial well-being by actively solving their financial headaches and preempting issues before they happen.

Monetize me

If you know your customer, you can help them and they will pay you for it. Become a banking hub, recommending the best banking and 3rd-party solutions, so they have no reason to go elsewhere.

What are the benefits of Engager?

Benefits for Banks

  • Monetize your customers from end-to-end. Put your data to the best possible use.
  • Smart product recommendations, targeted to those who need them most.

Benefits for Retail Customers

  • Customers receive only the most relevant solutions, avoiding noise and making huge savings.
  • Improved financial wellbeing.

Benefits for SME Customers

  • New business opportunities for the SME customer.
  • Help SMEs automatically reconcile invoices and stay on top of their accounts.

Financial wellbeing for your customers

Customers are sent notifications periodically in a balanced way from each of the 4 categories, to increase engagement.

From Raw Data to Valuable Insights

Unify information

Bringing data and events from disparate sources into a common data lake.

Process data

Processing data to give it meaning. Categorization is the first step in the enriching process.


Enriched data is used to train, evaluate, and deploy machine learning algorithms, which generate predictions and valuable insights.


Recommendations are ranked according to importance and context, so information is always relevant.


Incorporate user feedback and behavior to continuously improve prediction capabilities.

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