Use Cases

Maximize green banking for a sustainable growth

Unleash the power of transactions towards a green banking journey that expands your bank’s cross-selling opportunities.

Foster stronger connections with environmentally-conscious customers

Analyze your customer base to discern green habits and preferences. gaining insights about their emissions from mobility, purchases etc.

Get assessed on how customers are purchasing goods, shedding light on potential areas for carbon footprint reduction.

Enable an accurate customer profiling and decreasing funding costs through bond market access.

Engaging customers through gamification and insights

Inspire customers to adopt sustainable financial habits thanks to gamification, tailored content and engaging challenges.

Make customers aware of their environmental impact by visualizing their finances alongside CO2 equivalence.

Encourage digital adoption providing additional details about their habits and preferences.

Support Cross-Selling with Sustainability

Guide customers in lifestyle changes and emission offsetting for a sustainable life while improving their financial wellness.

Personalize the approach empowering customers to make meaningful strides in reducing their carbon footprint.

Promote environmentally friendly products and alternatives and encourage green investments creating new revenue streams.


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