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Optimal Business Financial Management For SMEs

Using our BFM software, banks can offer SME customers optimal accounting and bookkeeping services and provide them optimal Business Financial Management.

Driving closer digital banking relationships

Financial institutions must offer customers a digital core banking experience that meets their changing and growing needs in order to meet their rising expectations. We have deeply analyzed SMEs digital banking experiences and needs in detail to build the most engaging Business Financial Management platform.

Full Control Over Your Payment Cycle

Matching banking accounts views with AR/AP reconciliation for an effortless control.

Personalized Insight Solutions

Focus on your business growth thanks to personalized advice about the next best action to take.

Effective Forecasting

Gain peace of mind with automatic and accurate forecasting detecting patterns and AR/AP predictions.

ICON Full Control Over Your Payment Cycle

Full Control Over Your Payment Cycle

Matching banking accounts views with AR/AP reconciliation for an effortless control.
ICON Personalized Insight Solutions

Personalized Insight Solutions

Focus on your business growth thanks to personalized advice about the next best action to take.
ICON Effective Forecasting

Effective Forecasting

Gain peace of mind with automatic and accurate forecasting detecting patterns and AR/AP predictions.

Transforming the SME customer experience

Help SMEs succeed with business financial management and planning services

Providing smarter control over business financial management

SMEs can easily track finances, third party information data, manage AR/AP, and schedule transactions with personalized insights and notifications.


Financial Analysis


Transactions Details

Business Financial Management Dashboard Strands


With the 360º overview that provides an instant snapshot of business performance, SMEs gain smart control over their finances.

Financial Analysis Business Financial Management Strands

Financial Analysis

Through data normalization and enrichment, SMEs are able to check their incomes and expenses distribution and even re-categorizing their transactions to add more granularity.

Budgets Business Financial Management Strands


Create budgets to curb expenses. Our engine calculates the average annual expense so users can decide how much they want to save.

Transaction Details Business Financial Management Strands

Transactions Details

Detailed view of each categorized transaction actionable through search, edit, add tags, and the possibility to split transactions for easier management and customization.


Help SME’s achieve their financial goals faster and more efficiently. From next the Christmas party to VAT predictions and Marketing events.

Provisioning Business Financial Management Strands

Financial Calendar

Using an interactive heat-map, you can visualize your spending behavior on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Financial Calendar Business Financial Management Strands

Schedule Transactions

Track recurring payments such as subscriptions and enable proactive anticipation of any repayment issues.

Schedule Transactions Business Financial Management Strands

Personalized Insights

Focus on relevant actionable notifications based on your behavior so you can make better financial decisions.

Personalized Insights Business Financial Management Strands

Allow to plan ahead for better business focus

SME owners can visualize their incomes and expenses and understand their cash flows by tracking historical, actual inflows and outflows using enriched data.


Financial Calendar

Schedule Transactions

Personalized Insights

Boost growth and optimize your business management

Together with Open Hub, SME can take full control over the payment cycle with AP/AR management and monitor their top debtors and top customers according to payments information.

Invoice reconciliation

Cash Flow Forecasting

Top Clients and Suppliers exposure

Invoicing Business Financial Management Strands


Take full control over your payment cycle with AR/AP management, from invoice creation to the reconciliation process. Monitor your AR/AP payments status and create receipts from scratch. Integrate with 3rd party invoicing providers Quickbooks, Sage or Xero.

Cashflow Forecasting Business Financial Management Strands

Cash Flow Forecasting

By analyzing past behavior, machine learning techniques can be applied to predict future cash flows.

Spending Control Business Financial Management Strands

Top Clients and Suppliers

Get a list of your top 5 customers/debtors based on total invoice amounts and total paid or unpaid, for a selected time period.

Companies all around the world boost their business 
with our BFM software solution

Crédit Agricole
Banco BPM
Banco Cooperativo Español

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Creating a Personalized Experience Tailored To Real Needs

STEP 4 Business is the first fully-fledged digital marketplace of products and services designed for SMEs, in “Amazon Style”.

Strands BFMStrands Engager


Akbank SME Movement – ‘For Your Business’ Service

Akbank, one of the biggest banks in Turkey, launches “For Your Business” service as a part of the SME Digitalization Program.


We understand data to empower customers’ knowledge

Real-time data Business Financial Management

Enhance Real-Time Data

Build dynamic dashboards, forecasts, and scores based on real-time data.

Add information Business Financial Management

Exploit Open Finance

Collect new data sources such as AR/AP.

Online banking Business Financial Management

Avoid Disintermediation

Minimize churn, making online banking the primary option.

Unique View Business Financial Management

Unique View

Transactional and AR/AP in a single view with a seamless navigation interface.

Fast Receivables Business Financial Management

Fast Receivables

Be on top of clients and supplier through payables.

Effective Business Financial Management

Effective Management

Manage your cash flow and accounting easily and effectively.



Digital Banking relationship with your SME customers

BFM and Engager provide business owners with actionable and personalized insights to address their operational issues on time.

Making the most out of provided insights to boost growth.

  • Generate no-code custom insights for your SMEs.
  • Offer real-time and tailored solutions.
  • Obtain a complete overview of your customer’s activities.


We are a Global Leader with a proven track record in the Fintech industry

Unrivaled service model for all sizes

Our solutions can be consumed via SaaS on private cloud for EU, on AWS for US, multi-cloud or legacy systems.

Data analytics at the core with real-time technology

Leverage ML categorization enrichment engine and analytics model to detect real time events based on customers behavior.

Top skilled people sharing their expertise

Our professionals will support you during solution design, implementation and after go live phase.

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