Strands Data Analytics

Maximize the power of financial data

Leverage Data Science and AI to enrich, analyze and boost raw transactional data. Increase your customers’ financial wellness by making financial data actionable with powerful insights and 1:1 conversations.

Financial data analytics

A complete journey through
Data Enrichment

Embark on a full journey towards the financial wellness of your customers with our long standing expertise in Data Science, AI and NLP in finance. Discover the steps:


Merchant tagging

Behavior detection


Financial data enrichment


Categorize transactions with our hybrid categorization engine, and provide your customers with a clear picture of their spending.

Merchant tagging for Financial data

Merchant tagging

Identify each transaction with their merchant for a smoother interaction and make them actionable through search, edit and tagging, and dividable for easier customization.

Financial data pattern detection

Behavior detection

Recurrences within the transactions are mined to highlight customer current behavior. Spending patterns, subscriptions and anomalies are detected and seamlessly notified to the end user to support their financial wellness.

Behavior prediction for financial data management


Patterns are detected in real time and transformed into personalized dashboards.

Credit scoring, cash-flow predictions, saving goals and fraud detection are catered in an intuitive interface, accompanied by tailored notifications.


Empowering people with data-driven banking

Faster time to market

Benefit from quicker implementation to maximize time to market

Exploit new data sources

Enrich multiple financial data sources to take better decisions, such as behavioral credit scoring

Boost digital sales

Increase cross-selling opportunities thanks to hyper-profiled insights

Seamless Navigation

Provide actionable insights and allow your customer to take the next best action

Optimal Categorization

Empower your customers with better financial understanding

Financial Awareness

Improve awareness with financial data for retail and business customers


We are a Global Leader with a proven track record in the Fintech industry

Unrivaled service model for all sizes

Our solutions can be consumed via SaaS on private cloud for EU, on AWS for US, multi-cloud or legacy systems.

Data analytics at the core with real-time technology

Leverage ML categorization enrichment engine and analytics model to detect real time events based on customers behavior.

Top skilled people sharing their expertise

Our professionals will support you during solution design, implementation and after go live phase.

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