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Open Finance connecting third-party services

Our Open Finance solution enables users to securely connect to multiple external services in one place, offering a clear overview of their finances and a third-party services connection.

Data is indisputable

Banks need to think about how to harvest, analyze, and use raw data around them in order to move their business beyond the actual limitations.

Open Data will bring an entire new set of data and capabilities for banks across all industries to improve their business models.

Open data provides your customers with an overview of their financial and non-financial products all in one place.

Platform business models will allow people to connect effectively in an open finance ecosystem.

Connecting customers with 3rd-party services

Discover all the sources that can be aggregated for PFM, BFM and Engager

Connect our PFM, BFM, and Engager services to the mix of open banking APIs and aggregators to maximize their connectivity capabilities creating new use cases.

Discover the products that can be aggregated
Become your customers everyday bank

Become your customers’ everyday bank, giving access to all their accounts in one place

Customers can link multiple bank accounts in one place and get a holistic view of their finances thanks to our third-party aggregation partners. To provide the best coverage, we select the best aggregators in every geographic region.

Connect your accounting tool and maximise the power of the BFM

Incorporate your invoices to maximize the power of the BFM. The connection will allow daily synchronization of invoices and bills managed in the external platform, and indicate if they have already been paid. 

The Financial Calendar helps you keep track of pending invoices and bills and helps you analyze how they affect your Cash Flow Position.

Connect and maximize your accounting tool

Integrating CRIF, our mother company, account aggregation service within PSD2 countries: NEOS

NEOS allows to start an Xs2A connection directly from PFM & BFM and download current account data, SCA compliant.

Thanks to its out of the box widget get a smooth and friendly user experience along the whole authentification and aggregation process.

Learn more about NEOS in CRIF DIGITAL

OpenHub Neos Crif

Companies all around the world boost their business 
with our solutions

Crédit Agricole
Banco BPM
Banco Cooperativo Español

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Creating a Personalized Experience Tailored To Real Needs

STEP 4 Business is the first fully-fledged digital marketplace of products and services designed for SMEs, in “Amazon Style”.

Strands PFM

Bank Of Georgia

A Leading Universal Bank in Georgia

By all accounts, the bank is on to something – it’s converting customers over to digital channels.


We understand data to empower customers’ knowledge

Avoid disintermediation

Become the main point of contact for your customers, connecting all their accounts in one single place.

Pull real time 3rd party data

Exploit 3rd party information for a better understanding of the your customers’ spending behavior.

Exploit new data sources

Enhance your offerings with AR/AP aggregated information.

One Single Platform

Get all your accounts cash flow and information in one single and secure place.

Financial education

Exploit financial potencial thanks to multibanking view.

Get real time insights

Achieve better financial wellness thanks to real-time insights tailored to your spending or saving behavior.

Enable Beyond Banking Use Cases

AR/AP management, cash flow forecasting, invoincing reconciliation.

One Single Platform

Get all your accounts cash flow and information in one single and secure place.

Get real time insights

Achieve better financial wellness thanks to real-time insights tailored to your spending or saving behavior.


We are a Global Leader with a proven track record in the Fintech industry

Unrivaled service model for all sizes

Our solutions can be consumed via SaaS on private cloud for EU, on AWS for US, multi-cloud or legacy systems.

Data analytics at the core with real-time technology

Leverage ML categorization enrichment engine and analytics model to detect real time events based on customers behavior.

Top skilled people sharing their expertise

Our professionals will support you during solution design, implementation and after go live phase.

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