Barcelona is one of the best ecosystems in the world for technology and finance hubs, with the talent, infrastructure, capital, and regulation.

During the MWC19 week, Strands joined four different events to talk about:

  • Digital ethics policies and best practices
  • Share a perspective of the new finance marketplace
  • Present the company as a case study for R+D+i
  • Demo our mobile SME banking solution


Inclusive AI: FinTech perspective

Digital Future Society at MWC19 Barcelona is where policymakers, entrepreneurs, civic leaders and forward thinkers converge to explore how we might build a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive future in the digital era.

In this context, Victoria Yasinetskaya, VP Marketing at Strands, gave a pitch presentation on Strands best practices in digital ethics during the parallel session “A New Data Ethics for the Digital Age”.

“We can’t talk about data ethics without touching upon diversity. Data ethics, diversity and inclusivity are three pillars for developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that have a positive impact in users’ lives.” — Victoria Yasinetskaya


Barcelona FinTech City

4YFN is the place to be for anyone interested in supporting startups, investors and companies to connect and launch new business ventures together.

Strands CEO Erik Brieva participated in the Barcelona Fintech City panel to give his viewpoint of the new banking era and the future of finance. He also covered how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is impacting the financial ecosystem, and the main opportunities and challenges the industry is facing with new technologies.

“The value of a FinTech is not about what particular new technology they use, but what problem they are trying to solve so that users can live better lives.” — Erik Brieva


Strands, case study for R+D+i

Together with a representative from F. Iniciativas, Strands CFO presented Strands as a case study for Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain.

“In 2017, Strands obtained the ‘Innovative SME’ seal of approval after demonstrating its capacity for innovation with its own activity.” — Juli Garcia

Strands was the first FinTech to be awarded this official recognition by the Spanish government.


Mobile World Banking: Enhancing the SME-customer Experience

Stranders Cesar Richardson, GM Americas, and Albert Morales, VP Product Management, led the webinar, “Mobile world banking: Enhancing the SME-customer experience”.

They identified the areas in which banks have failed SMEs when it comes to financial services provision, and showcased how tools like Strands BFM are helping small businesses take control of their cash flow, invoicing and income forecasting while providing their banks with valuable insights about how to serve them better.

“Our Strands BFM is a platform that many of our financial institution clients customize in order to fit their preferences.” Cesar Richardson

“Banks have a lot of internal and external data. We help them synthesize and normalize this data to get powerful insights. This is what Strands brings to the table.” Albert Morales

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