Dario Lombardi from Strands was one of the keynote speakers at the “Banking on Innovation” conference organised by EFMA. The conference took place in Barcelona and it is a leading annual event of the banking industry that attracts high profile of participants from around the world. Strands was also a sponsoring partner of the event.

The theme of the conference focused on “getting to grips with changes in channels, technology and customer behaviour” and some of the key questions discussed were:

What changes are needed within the bank? What is the best way of organising the innovation process? Banks need to decide who is in charge, the associated budgets, the decision processes, potential partnerships and market tests. How can they generate ideas and incorporate innovation as part of their DNA?

What changes are needed within the channels? How can banks integrate innovation effectively within existing channels? They also need to start exploiting new channels.

What changes are needed to the customer relationship? How can innovation be used to create the ‘wow’ effect? How can the Internet be leveraged to refocus the customer relationship and how can banks manage the customer dialogue through the social media?

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