Strands CEO Erik Brieva has been selected as one of the “50 Most-Admired CEOs” in tech

The Technology Headlines, a premium US-business and technology magazine, published from Texas, has featured Erik Brieva as one of the 50 leading CEOs across the technological industry.

In the first edition of 2019, the magazine highlighted Strands CEO in the cover and reviewed the story of his journey, his decision-making process, his competitive strategy, and much more.

Carlos Chavez, editor-in-chief of The Technology Headlines said: “It was a great pleasure reviewing these CEOs, as they all had inspiring as well as thought-provoking stories to share.”

Nicole Anderson, Senior editor at the Technology Headlines further added: “Our editorial team has not only selected the CEOs that are at the forefront of bringing a change in the industries, but also the entrepreneurs that are committed to adding value to customers.”

In the interview, Erik Brieva emphasises the qualities he values most in a leader: leading by example, passion and the ability to engage your team. He recounts his journey with Strands, and talks about how to promote new ideas and innovation within the enterprise.

“It is important that everybody understand that, beyond their everyday tasks, and beyond personal goals and project objectives, they are all contributing to a more global and strategic goals.”


“In 2019, Strands will continue scaling up worldwide and consolidating our position in the market with cutting-edge technologies and solutions that will keep disrupting the financial industry.”


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