Virgin Money

Helping SMEs Streamline Finances

Virgin Money has launched a free, full money management package to support small business customers with their day-to-day financial operations and ensure they have a complete view of their past, current and future financial position.

In partnership with Strands, Virgin Money will be the first UK bank and Mastercard issuer to offer Money Management, a new digital platform aimed at empowering small business owners with under £1m annual turnover to take control of their finances in the most efficient way possible.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Money Management, provides an innovative and personalised banking experience allowing Virgin Money’s Business Current Account customers to make more informed financial decisions through clearer insights and analysis of their financial position via a range of features.

The free tool is accessed through the Bank’s online desktop business platform and is underpinned by 24-hour chat support with a dedicated web team, to help customers manage their accounts.

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“We’re using innovative digital solutions to help our business customers with their money every day. Our new partnership with Strands is another example of offering more than just banking services”
David Duffy

CEO, Virgin Money

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