Strands’ CEO Gives A Glimpse Into the Future of AI at Oracle OpenWorld Middle East

by | Jan 16, 2020

Strands’ CEO Erik Brieva took center stage at Oracle OpenWorld Middle East to share his vision on the artificial intelligence trends that will shape the FinTech space in the upcoming years.

Erik Brieva was one of the top industry leaders who took part in the “Unlock Endless Possibilities with Oracle Cloud”keynote, hosted by Andrew Sutherland, Oracle’s Senior VP of Systems and Technology. The conference took a deep dive into the transformational and autonomous technologies that are fundamentally changing the way people work and live all over the world.

“A big thing this year will be artificial intelligence plug-in solutions, ”Strands’ CEO said in the conference, noting that “instead of trying to develop their own AI tools, in 2020, companies will plug existing, customizable and proven platforms that are able to read data, run algorithms and provide meaningful insights.

Artificial intelligence marketplaces were also a big part of the conversation and are set to become another of the major technological trends within the next few years.

As Erik Brieva points: “Many companies in many industries can benefit from their peers’ algorithms and data. For example, a banking company can benefit from a retail company’s data; and the other way around. AI marketplaces will bring amazing collaboration opportunities, as companies will be able to build algorithms for the benefit of the whole community.”

OracleOpenWorld Middle East took place in Dubai on January 14-15. Across two days, attendees immersed themselves in the infinite possibilities of a data-driven world. Besides Sutherland’s keynote, which revolved around how machine learning and automation are powering the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Erik Brieva also took part in an IDC-organized panel discussion on why autonomous solutions are crucial for business success, as well as a roundtable about Autonomous Cloud.

IDC’s discussion panel “Why autonomous solutions are crucial for business success”

Fostering AI and Data Literacy

Meanwhile, in the demo areas of Dubai’s World Trade Center, Strands’ Head of Digital Banking Solutions, Mario Bricio, had the opportunity to show attendees how the company is delivering personalized, AI-based banking services by leveraging the capabilities of Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud.

Hundreds of people visited Strands’ stand to see first-hand how the company’s product suite works. “There’s great interest in learning how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies allow banks to pull value from vast amounts of data and empower their customers in life and in business,“ Mario Bricio says.

Overall, the event was a fantastic opportunity to explore how leading companies are unlocking insights with data to re-engineer the core of their business and how they’re elevating the value they deliver to customers. We can’t wait for the conversation to continue in Oracle OpenWorld London. Stay tuned!

Strands’ CEO, Erik Brieva, and Head of Digital Banking Solutions, Mario Bricio, in the demo area.

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