True value comes from understanding what the customer needs and helping them achieve it. Allow customers to take the reins of their money management and make better financial decisions.


Tomorrow’s banking, today

A clear and privileged vision of the future of banking, helping you be one step ahead of the rest. Offer your customers tomorrow’s digital banking solutions, today.

Accelerate Innovation

Faster results and implementation for banks

By integrating Strands’ solutions, banks can benefit from significantly faster time to market, avoiding lengthy in-house developing processes.

Leverage Insights

Personalized, actionable notifications and next-best actions

Strands’ solutions are based on advanced analytics and AI, extracting insights from data to offer the end-user a personalized service which assists them in making more informed financial decisions.


Fully-adaptable modular solutions

Modular and highly-customizable systems adapt to meet the changing needs of the client. All web products are developed in React JS to accelerate customization, with extensibility to React Native.

Banker’s Tool

Aligning KPIs and objectives company-wide

Streamline front and back office teams with common insights and aligned objectives. Strands’ Banker’s Tool offers company-wide synchronization and easy identification of new business opportunities.