What we learnt in the webinar:

Enrico Lodi, Managing Director at Crif, Claudio Cungi, Product & Marketing officer at Strands and Marco Folcia, PwC Partner & EMEA Payments Centre of Excellence Leader, discussed the value of Personalization in Digital Banking, and more specifically the topics of our report “Digital Banking & Beyond: The Value of Personalization”: 

  • The main factors changing the digital banking context
  • The steps required to create customer centric engagement leveraging multiple data sources (alert, advice, connect and convert)
  • The solutions financial institutions are adopting to deliver insight-driven customer engagement, based on the results of our related survey
  • The practical examples of insight-driven customer engagement of our respondents, with market use cases and success stories.
Promoting trust, building awareness and developing lifetime value services for customers
… advanced processing capabilities applied to the great amount of data from the customer base result in improved data models…
… hyper-personalization models based on continuously updated drivers

Digital Banking and Beyond: the value of Personalization

The Digital Banking context is shifting, as new players are entering the financial services arena and threatening the position of incumbents. Customer habits have deeply changed over the last year, as new technologies are appearing to enable frictionless communication, and banks are handling more and more data.

Harvesting the full potential of this data will be a game changer for financial players, as it will unlock new opportunities to engage the customers and deliver concrete outcomes. The benefits of fully-exploited data include extending the customer base, better profiling (e.g., credit scoring), as well as creating new revenue streams.

Thank you for attending our webinar!

It was a great opportunity to discuss the challenges faced by banks and financial institutions in today’s competitive environment and the solutions to adopt to deliver effective hyper-personalization to customers demanding frictionless communication.

Here’s the full video of the webinar: