Meet the team: sales with Craig Harris

by | Aug 16, 2022

Our Sales Team is responsible for developing new business opportunities and compelling propositions that support our high impact in the banking industry. We caught up with Craig Harris, our Sales Director for Northern Europe (UK&I + Nordics) about his day to day activities, and insights on his work at Strands and how it aligns with his values.

“One of many reasons why I joined Strands was down to the close-knit family feel that was on show upon each interaction I had from the very beginning”

Is there a Strands value you particularly cherish or a benefit the company has brought you?
CH: Empowering the staff and collaboration. This is not just a value printed on our documents, it is in our DNA. All the people that are part of Strands help the business strive for success, so it’s very refreshing!

How does a typical Strands day look?
My daily tasks such as admin, hunting for business, chasing leads is an important piece of my work-jigsaw and ones I relish. However, when looking back on a successful week some things that stands out is when I help win a business deal, create literature, or solved a problem collaboratively with my own team or a wider group. To summarize, some of my most outstanding tasks would be the following:

  • Purposeful meetings that run for the exact time planned
  • Giving feedback on other team members
  • Meetings face to face with clients, colleagues and prospects
  • Meeting someone new each week at Strands/CRIF; which is my own task rather than serendipitous!

Have you faced any work challenge at the company that you are most proud of?
With me only having 5 months to look back on, I am proud to have helped the team on the construction of the company website and with internal/external literature.

What is the team’s working style?
CH: Focussed, fast paced, collaborative and entertaining! We have a great mix of personalities, not just in the team but in the company. This makes for a very enjoyable working environment.

How do you envision the strands product roadmap going forward?
CH: We have an amazing suite of product offerings, we also have the greatest team behind those products at Strands and CRIF. We will continue to stand out by making the difference to individuals and SMEs to help Financial wellbeing/planning be more inclusive to the masses.

As a new employee, what impressions did you have of the company?
CH: One of many reasons why I joined Strands was down to the close-knit family feel that was on show upon each interaction I had from the very beginning. Almost 6 months on, and nothing has changed on that front, just cementing my thoughts!

How do you collaborate with other departments?
CH: Openly, frequently and respectfully! With me being based in the UK, it is very easy to fall into the trap of conversations/interactions being very transactional. Very early on I established how teams like to be communicated and by what method. We all have a love for instant messaging!

Travel is part of the job of a sales representative. If you had to choose one trip experience with Strands, what would it be?
CH: I have been lucky enough to travel to many cities during my short time at Strands, with more planned as the world becomes more comfortable with face to face meetings. However, I feel there is only one way to answer this question; it’s Barcelona. Prior to joining Strands, I had not been to Barcelona before, so to have my induction face to face and begin building relationships with colleagues was very important, not to mention the sight seeing once work is done! Beautiful city and I’m looking forward to going again.

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