Meet the team: HR with Berta Mateu

by | Oct 6, 2022

Our HR team helps manage a wide range of business operations, from attracting, recruiting and onboarding new talent, taking care of the core values of the company and of course, finding engaging ways for people’s development. They are key to help all the teams align together with each other to meet business objectives. This week, we had a chat with Berta Mateu, HR Specialist at Strands, about her thoughts on our company culture and some of her most recent accomplishments.

The most rewarding thing of being part of the HR Team is having an impact on the day to day life of the employees. Starting from the recruitment process, the onboarding and during the employee journey, we always try to be there for them. 

Is there a Strands value you particularly cherish or a benefit the company has brought you?
BM: What I value most at Strands is the friendly work environment and the willingness to help thanks to the team work spirit Stranders have. Also, the company offers some benefits that bring this collaborative spirit, for example, the meal voucher card lets me enjoy having lunch with my colleagues and has developed my sense of belonging in the company.


How does a typical Strands day look?
BM: My day to day at Strands, thanks to my role, is very dynamic. There are some daily tasks that I particularly enjoy such as internal customer service, recruiting, onboarding, team building activities, etc. These activities make my day challenging and exciting.


What’s the best part about working with your team and at HR?
BM: I would say that my teamwork is not only with the HR team but with all the areas of the company. It is important to have the same goals and to be aligned with all the managers and directors to make the best decisions for their teams and the company. Also, being next to experienced people and good professionals helps me to grow personally and professionally and to better understand the needs of the company.


Have you faced any work challenge at the company that you are most proud of?
BM: The most rewarding thing of being part of the HR Team is having an impact on the day to day life of the employees. Starting from the recruitment process, the onboarding and during the employee journey; we always try to be there for them.

Some challenges that I am proud of is that since I joined Strands in September 2021, I could onboard many new joiners, I helped several people to move to Barcelona and I participated in reactivating the Life at Strands team for our Stranders.

But for me, it is more the global satisfaction or reward of organizing activities for the teams, making engagement initiatives or trying to create a better working environment, what makes our work challenging but at the same time, satisfactory.


As a new employee, what impressions did you have of the company?
BM: Since the first day I felt welcomed by my colleagues and it helped me to integrate myself. Also, I think Strands is a people focus oriented company and tries to help the new joiner since the first day.


How do you ensure the wellbeing of the employees?
BM: To ensure the wellbeing of the employees I would say the most important thing is having good communication and being an active listener. Collecting feedback from employees and trying to improve is a good way to demonstrate you care about them.

Also, explaining and applying company policies, trying to make them fair and equal for everyone. But always being aware of listening and understanding the employee at any time of the employee life cycle.


Strands operate in a very competitive and diverse technological environment. How do you make sure you capture the right talent?
BM: Recruiting the right “techies” is crucial for Strands, but I would say that on top of tech skills, we really evaluate the candidate from a cultural perspective. We don’t only analyze the hard skills and professional experience, we also try to find the match between personal and company values, to see if there is a cultural fit. The goal is to find people who share the company’s values so they can feel more comfortable, committed and collaborative. We believe that hard skills can be learned through professional development and career paths. Also, I think Strands is a company full of possibilities, so it is important to pick the right potential talent and let them grow inside the company.


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