Meet the team: Data with Maryam Shokraniyamchi 

by | Nov 8, 2022

Our Data Team at Strands magically transforms raw data into something viable and readable, as well as optimizes its management system all the way. Not only that, our data engineers are in charge or supporting data design, building, testing, blending and managing it with the help of a wide range of resources. This week we have interviewed Maryam Shokraniyamchi, to give an insight into how data is managed at Strands and the challenges our data team may face on a daily basis.

“Managing difficult situations and being ready to work with new technologies are two qualities I am proud of, because they bring me great opportunities to tackle difficult yet interesting challenges from database migration to working on a cloud-based solution.”


Is there a Strands value you particularly cherish or a benefit the company has brought you?

MS: The most important value of Strands for me is that the company promotes personal and professional development offering training courses and taking care of employees’ health. Also, I really like the teamwork culture we have. Our departments regularly organize team building activities that help us to get to know our colleagues even better and create a friendly yet professional work environment.


How does a typical Strands day look

MS: Day-to-day work as a data engineer at Strands involves analyzing and solving tickets as well as supporting all of our stakeholders. We also spend some of our time innovating and improving our current data systems. I feel really lucky to work in the data team because we are involved in all projects and teams, so it gives us a real chance to learn, share and, of course, a great opportunity to socialize.


Have you faced any work challenge at the company that you are most proud of?

MS: Working as a database engineer is always challenging, we constantly receive new requests from our stakeholders and we have to find the best solutions for their needs. This means that we have to be flexible using our current version of the solution, or innovate and find new solutions. Managing difficult situations and being ready to work with new technologies are two qualities I am proud of, because they bring me great opportunities to tackle difficult yet interesting challenges from database migration to working on a cloud-based solution.


What has been your journey within the company so far?

MS: It has been an amazing experience so far. I have made many friends in a very professional environment where we always support each other, and we reached great achievements together. I really feel connected to the company, and proud of facing challenges with my team that helps all of us grow. 


Why is data Important for the company and how does Strands collect it?

MS: Data is the most important part of any system. The goal of all projects that have been developed so far is data management, and everything around data has been developed to display, store and analyze it for various purposes. That is why data is the most valuable asset of any company and project.


What is the team’s working style?

MS: We work in an agile environment where everyone has their own responsibilities. We refine and evaluate all requests together, and decide how to deal with them. We support each other and are always ready to help when needed, giving feedback and recognition to whoever has achieved a great milestone. It helps us all stay motivated and comfortable around each other, as we have to put a daily emphasis on communication for projects to get done. 


How do you envision the strands product roadmap going forward?

MS: I definitely think we are moving in the right direction. As many people may argue, there is alway room for improvement as it is a challenge to adjust our vision and adapt our roadmap according to the market’s needs. As the fintech industry is rapidly changing and growing, our roadmap is constantly evolving which makes our experience challenging and exciting. 


As a new employee, what impressions did you have of the company?

MS: One of the things that impressed me the most first, was the friendly environment and team working spirit there was among colleagues. Ever since I joined, everyone has been open to help which makes a great working culture and helps Strands become a company everyone would want to work at. 


How do you collaborate with other departments?

MS: Being part of the data team means that you have the opportunity to work and collaborate with all the departments of the company at different levels. From the team of data analysts to product development, I feel very lucky to not only help with everything data-related but also to learn from the diverse and different individuals forming each team. 


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