Meet the team: Accounting with Branka Sladakovic

by | Nov 28, 2022

The Accounting Team at Strands is in charge of processing all our financial activities. From payroll, budgeting, financial statements, to financial reporting and data for decision making; the Accounting Team is one that we cherish most – they give us the wings to fly. Today we interviewed Branka Sladakovic, to learn more about her role and her motivations within accounting.

“If I had to pick only one Strands value that I cherish the most, it would be the “We Are Passionate” one.”


How does a typical Strands day look?
BS: My working day starts with planning my activities for a given day and checking any outstanding messages that may need immediate attention. As the day unrolls, I sync with the rest of the team and adjust my priorities.


What is the most challenging aspect of accounting for you?
BS: Operating in four different continents brings a lot of challenges. Different regulations, laws, taxation to name a few, all need to be followed up meticulously. As the team is small in numbers, I needed to learn and grow fast.


What is the team’s working style?
BS: We are all very independent in our day-to-day tasks, but we do sync regularly about goals and progress. The pace is fast, but we try to keep good spirits.


Is there a Strands value you particularly cherish or a benefit the company has brought you?
BS: If I had to pick only one Strands value that I cherish the most, it would be the “We Are Passionate” one.


How do you collaborate with other departments?
BS: Being an international company, our work requires constant sync with other CRIF departments on a daily level. Email, chats and video calls are part of our routine. Most challenging part is to stay in sync with the whole organization.


As a new employee, what impressions did you have of the company?
BS: The most dynamic company I have seen by then. Being a product development company was a new and rewarding experience for me.


What has been the outcome of the integration of Strands’ processes since it was acquired by CRIF?
BS: Acquisitions are always challenging. Personally, having previous experience in an international financial corporation gave me some knowledge. Either way, we have effectively became a part of a bigger and much more structured system for the benefit of all.


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