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BAC Credomatic is the biggest banking group in Central America that operates throughout 6 countries in the region. They chose Strands to build its PFM solution, which would lead the way in the offering of digital money management tools in the area.

The Challenge

BAC Credomatic wanted to provide its clients in Central America, a functionality that would allow them to know their financial health, and act accordingly with a social and sustainability perspective, while providing the best experience in the use of their mobile application.

One of the big challenges was to integrate the digital platform into a centralized app for six different countries, taking into account that data management is different in each country and therefore for each product.

BAC Credomatic was searching for a technology partner who could provide the best digital banking experience in Central America, as evidenced by a Best Mobile App award it was given at the World Finance Digital Banking Awards in 2019.

A better financial management strategy is key to continuing to add value to customers, and Strands provides that both functionally and from a socio-commercial standpoint.


Strands’ PFM solution was hosted on the mobile banking channel under the name ‘Mis Finanzas’, which was customized according to the brand and colors of the bank. By implementing the analysis widget, categorization and data feed via ETL, BAC Credomatic users learned more about their spending patterns and were able to better manage their finances.


In the long run, BAC Credomatic plans to increase the value proposition for its customers by consolidating the use of the tool and increasing their financial literacy. It is their intention to continue to accompany people and to grow alongside them, adding functionalities to encourage the growth of digital banking.

Story Overview


BAC Credomatic


San José, Costa Rica


Quick Insights:

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“It is very exciting to see the high satisfaction of our clients when using My Finances, it shows the value that we are adding in that they know their behavior and spending patterns better”
Manuel Rivera Alfaro

Digital Product Manager, BAC Credomatic

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