Inflation and rising prices are wreaking havoc on the finances of millions of beleaguered households across Europe today

We are experiencing a major shift in how people view, interact with, and manage their finances. This report ‘Banking on Banks’ produced by CRIF.Digital, highlights a fractious relationship between consumers and the financial institutions they often depend on. Europeans want their banks and other lenders to do more to help them through this unprecedented crisis. Yet there remains an underlying lack of trust by consumers, especially when it comes to their financial data.

By embracing the latest innovations in open banking data, categorisation and analytics, banks and other financial institutions can better understand and serve their customers, quickly and accurately offering tailored products and services that meet their specific needs.

In this paper researched by CRIF.Digital, you will learn:

  • Why technology like open banking promote a mutually beneficial relationship
  • How individual providers can improve their offer to customers
  • To enhance consumer trust across the sector at this crucial time
  • How lenders can offer loans with more confidence without increasing risk


Banking on banks



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