Webinar: How Can Banks Build More Meaningful Relations with SMEs?

by | Aug 12, 2021

Strands’ Brian Stewart and CRIF’s Rafal Plutecki will talk about how banks can improve relations with their SMEs customers thanks to our latest software solutions

On September 16th, Strands’ EMEA Business Development Manager, Brian Stewart, and CRIF’s Head of Banking & Insurance Poland, Rafal Plutecki, will host a webinar where they will discuss how can banks have better, more effective and meaningful relations with their customers from the SME segment by offering added-value services based on modern open banking solutions.

In today’s digital reality, offering financial services is burdened with a duty to innovate like never before. Banks face many dilemmas, including maintaining the current client base of the SME segment while also attracting new businesses. For this to happen, financial institutions must focus on improving customer relationships and offering facilities, while helping companies better manage their business. Consequently, they need to re-understand the current needs of their customers.

The aim of the combined efforts of CRIF and Strands is to support banks in building this effective relationships with their SME clients by offering the Strands’ Business Financial Management solution, a cutting-edge software solution.

Webinar: How Can Banks Build More Meaningful Relations with SMEs?

🎤  Brian Stewart, EMEA Business Development Manager at Strands

🎤  Rafal Plutecki, Head of Banking & Insurance at CRIF Poland

🗓️  Thursday, September 16, 2021

⏰  11:00 am  (CEST)

Strands and CRIF webinar will cover:

  • The current landscape: Open Banking, how solutions create new customer expectations. 
  • Customer implementation. CRIF and Strands joint value proposition for banks and their clients.
  • Benefits of customer engagement.
  • A real case study, showcasing impactful results of Strands’ Business Financial Management solutions.
  • Q&A

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