Webinar: How AI Is Driving the Banking Revolution

by | Apr 21, 2020

Join us for a 20-minute webinar about the biggest driver for change in the financial services industry

Webinar Date: Wednesday, April 29 | 11 am (EDT)

It has been widely discussed that traditional banks are failing to create engaging experiences for their clients. As a result, many customers are turning to smaller, fully digital players that provide them with more personalized service. 

Yet, AI-driven, white-label banking solutions are now making it easier than ever for traditional banks to increase customer loyalty. Tag along with Strands’ VP for North America, Carlos Atehortua, as he discusses how AI can help banks connect with their customers in a whole new way. 

In our webinar “How AI is driving the Banking Revolution” you will learn among other things: 

  • How can financial institutions increase user engagement for their apps?
  • What do banks need to do to fruitfully address the needs of the underserved -–yet increasingly profitable– SMB segment?
  • What are the first steps in integrating personalization into a banking strategy? 

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