Strands’ Erik Brieva Among ‘Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs’

by | Feb 5, 2021

Analytics Insight includes Strands’ Chief Executive Officer in their roundup of leaders “to watch”

Strands’ CEO, Erik Brieva, has been selected by Analytics Insight as one of the Top 10 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch. The business magazine has published a special issue that features ten chief executive officers who are “transforming their respective industries at the convergence of disruptive technologies, highly skilled workforce, and effective growth strategies.” 

In his chat with Analytics Insight, Erik Brieva discussed how business leaders must identify and be conscious of the opportunities around them, and pursue those to drive innovation. “It is essential to ‘not miss the train’, to dare and try your luck by working hard. Ideas always come and go, but eventually, only those who take risks developing them can transform their ideas into reality,” he said.

In the interview, Erik Brieva also shared his view on how AI is undoubtedly one of the biggest enablers of change in the financial services industry. “In the last few years, this technology has made incredible progress and is now helping banks globally save on costs while changing the way they interact with their customers,” he explained, noting that “from enabling frictionless onboarding to preventing payment fraud, the uses of AI in banking are far-reaching. However, its capacity to deliver a robust personalization strategy is the real game-changer in the industry.” 

As for what’s next for Strands, the CEO said that he will focus on forging strategic alliances to help the company consolidate its leadership as a digital and open banking vendor. “Strands enables financial institutions and businesses to create value and new opportunities for consumers, empowering them to make smarter financial decisions that leads them to a lifetime quality improvement and higher productivity,” he stated.

Check out the full interview here and learn more about Erik Brieva’s journey, his views on what makes a good leader and his advice for young executives.

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