Joining Open Banking Expo

by | Oct 14, 2022

Innovators, disruptors and visionaries spearheading Open Banking, Open Finance

The Business Design Centre will play host to a razor-sharp conference programme alongside an expansive exhibition and networking initiatives as we gather to drive momentum, innovation and partnerships across the ecosystem.

Across nine stages 90+ industry superstars will dive into eight searingly-hot themes and sweet spots including Open Banking for Good, The Future, Making an Impact, Global Focus, Open Data, Retail, SME Finance and Payments.

Our roundtable in association with CRIF is on the topic of super apps. Why are they super, what’s coming and why is it important to you and your business? This special roundtable will be led by Strands’ Sales Director Craig Harris where top-financial industry leaders will discuss the main challenges and opportunities of Super-Apps and why they are becoming a defining element of Open Finance.

In addition to sharing pictures and key takeaways from this interesting discussion, we will keep you updated about how the event went.

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