SME Banking Club Conference: Claudio Cungi Joins ‘AI in Financial Services’

by | Dec 15, 2021

During the latest CEE21 SME Banking Club Conference, Strands’ Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Claudio Cungi, talked about AI-based engagement tools for SME banking customers

The SME Banking Club Conference took place in Krakow (Poland) at the end of November, however it also had a number of participants who joined remotely and a virtual expo zone was available throughout the day. With over 20 speakers from 17 countries, our own Claudio Cungi, Chief Product and Marketing officer at Strands, participated as both a speaker and panelist during the event.

During his presentation as a speaker in the ‘AI based engagement of SME customers’, Claudio first gave a brief overview of Strands’ history of using AI technology, describing how the company has been developing algorithms for over a decade. Claudio then went on to describe 4 key examples of how Strands’ solutions can benefit real life SME’s.

You can watch Claudio’s full talk here:

Claudio was also one of the expert speakers in a panel discussion on the topic of ‘AI in SME financial services’. He identified 4 different enablers for AI in SME’s, including SME business behaviour and needs, Cloud and API information, new offerings and fintech solutions, and the availability of more data and relevant insights. 

You can watch a full recording of the day’s different topics and discussions here:

The SME Banking Club Conference is an annual event which brings together leading business bankers to network. The conference provides opportunities to network and share updates on the most relevant information on which banks and financial institutions are offering entrepreneurs and SMEs. 

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