Strands BFM: Driving a Better Banking Experience for SMEs

by | Oct 18, 2021

Watch the webinar between Brian Stewart and Rafal Plutecki on how banks can build more meaningful relationships with SMEs now.

In our latest #StrandsWebinar, Brian Stewart (EMEA Business Development Manager at Strands) and Rafal Plutecki (Head of Banking and Insurance at CRIF Poland) discuss how banks can build more meaningful relationships with small and medium enterprises and Brian also demonstrates Strands’ Business Financial Management (BFM) solution.

In the 30 minute conversation, which you can watch below, Brian explains how Strands works with over 700 banks worldwide to attract and retain their customers, combining AI and Machine Learning alongside financial management.

Watch the full talk here:

Brian highlights the success stories of Novo Banco and HSBC, who after using Strands’ software have adapted and positioned themselves to be more relevant to their SME customers by providing complete solution portfolios on retail and SME Open Banking. In addition, Brian gives us a brief description of Strands’ overall product suite but focuses his explanation on Business Financial Management solution (BFM), which allows banks to provide valuable services to SMEs and help their customers to grow.

Rafal further adds examples from Poland, claiming that brick and mortar banks are things of the past, now that AI can drive real-time insights which creates added value to banking services. Using Strands’ technology means being able to see your financial standing in one place, which can lead to more efficient decision making and a clearer overall picture. Furthermore, Strand’s Engager solution allows banks and financial institutions to provide relevant insights and marketing.

Just at the 17:00 mark, Brian gives a demonstration of our Business Financial Management solution, where users can see a 360’ view of their finances, as well as other useful features such as a financial calendar which lists future and past expenses and income, as well as discussing the benefits of electronic invoicing and detecting possible fraud.

If you would like to learn more about any of our solutions do not hesitate to request a demo.

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