Webinar: Digital Growth Via Personalized Experiences with Nanogon

by | Oct 10, 2022

Enhancing user experiences is the key to this new approach’s success retaining customers at the same time to driving product revenue growth. During our joint webinar together with Nanogon Technologies and with the guest speaker Visctor Iseyemi, Group Head IT Governance & Strategy of GTBank Ltd, we learnt how financial institutions can deliver a personalized experience that meets the needs and aspirations of their customers.



Customer loyalty is no longer determined by the number of products they are “tied” to, but by the appropriateness of the solutions they receive. Banks must demonstrate empathy for their customers needs providing value beyond products and services. Instead of being trapped in a sea of financial products, customers want to feel that they are being helped to reach their individual goals and that’s why the customer journey needs to be reviewed and enhanced, for a customer-centric approach.

Learn how Strands Engager, PFM and BFM solutions help financial institutions deliver a data-driven banking experience that meets the needs and aspirations of their customers. Strands showcases how its platform gathers data from multiple sources to deliver an out-of-the-box personalized experience and allow banks and financial institutions to predict customer’s needs.



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