Transforming Business Finance with Strands’ Vision

by | Nov 21, 2023

Empowering Businesses: Strands’ Visionary Solutions Unveiled


Embark on a journey of financial transformation for businesses with Strands. Our latest video series unveils visionary solutions that position us as an industry leader in reshaping the way businesses manage their finances and foster a greater loyalty with their financial institution. From invoice aggregation to budget optimization, Strands is at the forefront of financial technology.

Streamlining Operations with Invoice Aggregation

Discover how Strands is helping business customers streamline their operations for financial institutions to become their primary touchpoint for their financial needs. By seamlessly integrating with invoicing providers, Banks can provide an holistic view, encompassing both financial and non-financial aspects, offering unparalleled control over business operations.

Anticipating and Planning with Cashflow Forecasting

Explore how Strands’ Cashflow Forecasting tool adds significant value for businesses, positioning the financial institution as an innovative leader in financial technology. Predictive models, powered by AI and machine learning, accurately detect inflow and outflow patterns, enabling businesses to anticipate and plan for their future financial needs.

Enhancing Financial Control with Invoice Reconciliation and Financial Calendar

Dive into how your Financial institution can enhance businesses’ financial control with streamlined invoice reconciliation and a financial calendar. Aggregating invoices seamlessly, provide an optimal financial control over payment cycles, leading to more efficient operations and informed decision-making for your business customers.

Driving Growth with Budgets and Provisioning

Learn how Strands’ Budgets and Provisioning tools position your financial institution as a strategic partner in business growth. Customizable thresholds, valuable insights, and special budget recommendations empower business owners to achieve their financial goals more efficiently, ultimately driving business success.


Strands stands at the forefront of business finance innovation, providing visionary solutions that empower businesses, enhance financial control, and drive growth. Join us in shaping the future of financial technology for businesses.

Ready to transform your business customer’s finances? Explore our solutions and partner with us on the path to financial success.

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