Amazing participation at Finovate Fall 2022

by | Sep 21, 2022

Our first FinovateFall is in the books and what an incredible experience! The event that took place in New York City during September 12-14, 2022 gathered more than 1700 influential attendees, of which 50% were from financial institutions. This edition explored how COVID-19 has affected financial services and how it is accelerating innovation and adoption of new technologies.

We enjoyed great conversations with many bankers during and since the event. Financial Institutions are clearly finding Strands appealing because they are looking for ways to differentiate their services to SMEs and customers, as well as leveraging alternative data sources to improve customer engagement and business. 


For Alice Menenti Product Manager, the Finovate is an inspirational event for innovators, founders, financial institutions, industry experts and leaders gathering to share insights and ideas for a better, innovative and more inclusive banking of tomorrow. We, as Strands, took this unique chance to have deep conversations with prospects, potential partners and other FinTech companies to gather feedback, validate our ideas and elaborate new ideas as well. 

“I strongly believe that our value proposition is fitting market trends and we shall keep on being passionate, open-minded in order to catch new opportunities that are constantly arising in such a dynamic industry”, Alice Menenti

Our keynote session at Finovate Fall 2022, without any doubt, was one of the highlights of the trip! We talked about why personalized experiences are now a challenge for all industries, and they will give an overview of what could be an approach for Financial Institutions to create personalized business banking platforms. We are so grateful to all the attendees and companies that came to hear all about how we can create the banking of the future at the main stage of the event. 

Watch the full keynote session:

Carlos Villabon, US Sales Manager at Strands, explained to us that every time people stopped by our booth asking for information we would explain to them what we do, and our message is personalization and we showed them why it’s important to develop a strong relationship with their customers and get to know them by exemplifying some use cases”.  

For Fion Fok, our Channel Partnership Director, the event was a great way to meet potential partners, influencers and innovators physically after the pandemic. “It inspired me the importance of the fintech ecosystem in order to maximize the value that we can bring to our clients”, she said. 

We can say that 2022 year has been full of events. An incredible “comeback” after a couple of years was mostly digital but there’s nothing like a live, in-person conference. Finovate was people and fintech. And when events like their help put the right people together, there’s a lot of magic that can happen: amazing conferences and networking hoping to create synergies and business.

Edoardo Borsari, Fion Fok, Leonel Cuevas, Alice Menenti, Carlos Villabon & Claudio Cungi (Strands Team)


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