A Personalized Banking Experience Now in SaaS

Take your services to the next level by integrating an innovative white-label Software as a Service platform and start delivering a personalized banking experience to your customers.

Cost efficiency

Low running costs and no large internal IT investments allow for a more variable cost structure.

Faster time to market

Plug-and-play solutions help banks launch products faster rather than focusing on implementation.

High Scalability

Take advantage of continuous improvements to the platform by picking a single service.

Dedicated support

We provide a full managed SaaS and the assistance and maintenance by CRIF.

Easy integration

Focus on driving business growth through core strategic objectives.

Leverage the Strands Open Platform

Focus on your business’s core goals by outsourcing your organization’s technical complexity, and benefit from best-in-class use cases provided by the product suite, backed by security standards and dedicated project support.
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Strands PFM
Strands BFM
Strands Open Hub
Strands AI
Strands Backoffice

6 Step Integration

Strands SaaS: easy process, complexity is outsourced

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