Finovate Europe is back for another year, and we’re delighted to announce Strands as one of the 72 companies selected among thousands to take the stage in London.

We are especially excited to unveil on of our new products, Strands Discovery, a powerful business intelligence tool that uses machine learning algorithms to offer banks simplified insights into complex customer behavior hidden within big data.

What’s so great about Strands Discovery? No more million-row spreadsheets or costly IT experts: bankers armed with Strands Discovery get relevant and actionable customer insights instantly through stunning visuals and exceptional UX.

Strands Discovery will be presented on February 10th, Session 7 at 1:10 GMT.

Strands Finovate Europe 2016

Since 2007, Finovate conferences have showcased cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique demo-only format. To date, more than 700+ FinTech companies, including Strands, have taken the stage in NYC, London & San Francisco.

In Finovate’s signature demo-only format, each company will receive no more than 7 minutes on stage to debut their cutting-edge technology to the entire audience.

Intimate networking sessions will give us the chance to connect with you, other Finovate alumni and presenters, as well as financial/banking executives, venture capitalists, press, and other industry thought leaders.

A proud Finovate veteran, the 2015 event was an amazing experience for Strands and we are excited to return to the stage. Check out our demo and takeaways from last year here.

To learn more, check out the Strands Discovery sneak peek. Get a 20% discount off registration by entering promotional code STRANDS20FEU16 here.

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