From September 19-21, Strands participated in The Global SME Finance Forum 2016 – an event where SME finance leaders come together to share strategies, experiences, and insights with one another.

Leading the Strands team was General Manager Pau Velando, who joined two panels about the impact of nonfinancial services and artificial intelligence on the small business financial sector. In addition, Sales Director Xavier Marcillac shared his insights about the innovations and trends in business financial management.

While it’s still percolating so actively in participants’ minds, we’d like to share some key highlights, much of which stems from loads of conversations and panel sessions we had with the fellow attendees. Among topics covered were:

New FinTech services to foster financial inclusion
In the context of financial inclusion, fintech holds boundless potential. “Blockchain,” and “distributed ledger” are often described as the new frontier in financial services. But what is it? How does it work? What advantages does it have over current systems? SME Finance Forum addressed many of these questions and explained why fintech advancements like Strands are vital to achieving full financial inclusion by banks and SMEs.

SME Finance Forum 2016 -Beijing

Leveraging big data to assess SME risk
Big Data is set to play a big role in leveraging unstructured data for an effective credit risk assessment of small business lending throughout the world. Learn more about the benefits of Big Data in SME banking here.

The latest developments in mobile payments and remittances
The winds of change in the payments world is gaining strength and SME Forum examined the growing capabilities of fintech.

“SME Forum 2016 was a great networking opportunity for Strands”, said Sales Director Xavier Marcillac. “Overall, intimate networking sessions gave us a chance to connect with fintech innovators as well as financial executives.”

About the SME Finance Forum

SME Finance Forum was established in 2012 by the G20 and works to expand access to finance for small and medium businesses. The event brings together financial institutions and technology companies to share knowledge, spur innovation and promote the growth of SMEs.

To learn more about the SME Finance Forum 2016, check out the live tweets with the hashtag
#SMEFinance2016, visit the event website here or see the conference photo slideshow here:

SME Finance Forum 2016 -Beijing