We at Strands are honored to be included in the “10 Best FinTech Firms in Barcelona”.

As pointed out by Barcinno, Barcelona is home to some of the most exciting FinTech firms that meet the demands of today’s hungry, tech-savvy customers.

Since 2004, Strands has been leveraging its extensive expertise in big data and machine learning to develop AI-based digital money management software. We powered the first Personal Finance Management solution in Europe for BBVA, which is still considered to be one of the best mobile banking apps around the globe today.

The company also began a partnership with Mastercard in 2018 to empower small-to-medium enterprise banking with AI and cutting-edge payment technology. With more than 300 corporate clients around the world, Strands is a company in constant growth. — Mark Asquith, writer and PR consultant at Barcinno

Strands was founded in 2004 and today we have offices in Barcelona, Miami, Buenos Aires and Kuala Lumpur.