With over 2,000 sessions, 250 exhibitors, and a variety of speakers from more than 90 countries, Oracle OpenWorld is the go-to conference when it comes to digital technology and the cloud.

The event’s goal is to help businesses leverage the cloud for their development and scale. It is an opportunity for companies, business leaders, leading innovators, and technology experts to come together, share knowledge and insights, and learn about the future of cloud technologies.

Aside from great seminars, exhibitions, keynotes, and training sessions; there will also be important demos from the industry’s leading technology and infrastructure players.

One of those presenting will be Strands.

Strands’ mission is to partner with banks and financial institutions to deliver digital money management experiences that help empower people in life and business. Through behavioral analysis derived from Machine Learning algorithms applied to transactional data, at Strands we can understand the individual needs of the customer and provides relevant insights.

As experts in Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning since 2004, we create highly-customizable digital money management software for top-tier financial institutions worldwide.

Strands is recognized by the financial industry as “The FinTech Partner for Banks” and have served more than 700 bank implementations with over 100 million customers in 36 countries.


Strands Delivers Secure Personalized AI Banking On Oracle Autonomous Cloud


Banks and financial institutions are beginning to develop cloud strategies in the wake of increased competition through Open Banking, outdated IT infrastructures, and new business models that require agility to analyze data and understand customers better. As such, worldwide spending on digital transformation is increasing rapidly year-over-year and how these solutions are on-boarded by banks is changing too.

Banks that build and operate new services in the cloud benefit from various technologies FinTech players are using today. By doing so, banks can better handle data loads, manage capacity, and integrate new technologies and applications in a more agile way than if they had to develop, host, and run costly upgrades internally.

As Cesar J. Richardson, GM Americas for Strands, points out:

“Oracle has been DB solution partner for over 10 years. As we look to the future, we want to extend our reach and services from Tier 1 and 2 Financial Institutions all the way to smaller Financial Institutions that require hosted solutions. We are also looking to help our existing Tier 2 clients build a ‘Road to Cloud’ and take incremental steps to place mission-critical components in a hosted cloud. We feel in both cases, Oracle is the leading enterprise partner that can deliver the assurance, security, and expertise our clients require in this heavily regulated industry.

Strands helps Oracle’s customer banks by building next-generation digital banking experiences that apply advanced Machine Learning solutions capable of analyzing large volumes of transactional datasets, predict events, and recommend solutions to customers.

“Our aim is to help banks secure the richest source of personal information to date – transactional data – and help them build new business models that will allow them to be vaults of our investment assets as well as our personal data.” — Cesar J. Richardson

For over 10 years, Strands has worked directly with banks to deploy their products on-premise. As new developments in cloud and technology begin to manifest and improve, Strands is launching their SaaS solution in partnership with Oracle at OpenWorld 2019.

At the core of Strand’s Finance Suite is their highly performant Oracle Database. Looking into the future, Oracle’s Autonomous Transaction Processing solution delivers key benefits in terms of performance, simplicity, and operation as they require to manage multiple client instances and scale efficiently. Strands also leverages Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry to run components of their products, and uses Oracle Event Hub and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure streaming to make all the data streams available to the rest of the modules.

Strands will explain how we have embraced cloud technology and accomplished all of this in partnership with Oracle at the session on September 19th at 9:00 am PST.


Oracle OpenWorld 2019 Event Information


  • Speakers:  Ricardo Vilchez Martin, Principal Solution Engineer, Oracle; Erik Brieva, CEO, Strands; Cesar Jimenez, GM Americas, Strands.
  • Topic: Innovate in the Cloud
  • Job role: Business Executives
  • Products and solutions A-Z: Cloud Application Development, Autonomous Database, Containers, Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Session type: Customer Case Study Session
  • Schedule: Thursday, September 19, 09:00 AM – 09:45 AM | Moscone West – Room 3016