Strands joins the Board at MobeyForum in recognition of the Fintech’s leading role in global banking transformation. After a year at the forefront of the Open Banking Experts Group at MobeyForum in collaboration with Caixabank and Erste Bank’s Beeone, helping banks adapt their mindset to their new reality, Strands has been given this honor, consolidating the value they have added and will continue to add to banking on an international scale.

MobeyForum is a non-profit organization with a clear focus; to bring the best in banking, tech and finance together in order to drive a digital revolution, armed with all the knowledge necessary to make a true and lasting change.  With events held around the world, members have regular contact and the opportunity for strategic debate, collaboration and to create relevant content for others.

This strategic move to incorporate Strands onto the Board was officially announced at the recent members’ event in Utrecht (5-7 March 2018).

Oscar Sala, VP of Product Strategy at Strands, has a long-standing relationship with MobeyForum, commencing during his time at CaixaBank.  On joining Strands some 2 years ago, this collaboration came into its own, each proving to be the other’s perfect and trusted ally in a period of such turbulence within the banking sector.

“After joining Strands, it made sense to continue this mutually-beneficial process; MobeyForum has provided a platform for continuous learning and growth, allowing us to offer our expertise to banks all around the world and share knowledge and experience in a tight-knit and trusting setting with our peers from banks and vendors”.  

“I am immensely proud of this recognition and of Strands’ contribution and commitment to inspiring banks around the world to make change and break away from more traditional methodologies. We are grateful for the trust MobeyForum has placed in us, by putting us in a position of such responsibility on the Board, and are motivated to continue working together as a powerful catalyst of change”.

About Strands

Strands is the FinTech partner for banks. With the mission of delivering the very best in digital money management software (PFMBFM), Strands leverages more than 10 years’ expertise in Big Data and Machine Learning. Today, Strands powers FinTech innovation in over 500 banks and serves more than 100 million banking customers worldwide. Clients include Barclays, BBVA, Huntington, Bank of Montreal, Deutsche Bank, Israel Discount Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa.