As the biggest and most prestigious event in the United States of America, this exhibition is the one to be seen at if you are anyone in the world of banking and FinTech.

Held in Las Vegas on October 21st to 24th, Money20/20 USA 2018 offered a space for critical conversations around creating a greater financial system for all, bringing together the most senior audience of geographically diverse leaders —including our very own GM Americas from Strands, Cesar J. Richardson.


“This is a magic moment for Strands as we continue to expand our presence in the United States. Overall, the past three days have been a wonderful opportunity to demo a new relationship banking toolkit.” — Cesar J. Richardson


In this edition of Money20/20, it was clear that FinTech is back. With news of banks investing in Silicon Valley (JP Morgan going to open a Fintech campus in The Valley) and the imminent threat of GAFA’s entering the space feeling more realistic, there was a lot of movement and conversations with Private Equity and VC firms.

Another piece of good news is that many banks are finally getting around talking to FinTech companies as they know that they can complement each other.

As for tech trends, as independent financial markets commentator Chris Skinner mentions, banks are slowly but surely embracing cloud and its noticeable. With the news this weekend of 34billion acquisition, IBM is pushing all their chips on cloud and playing catch-up to Amazon and Microsoft. It’s just another sign that enterprise is shifting to the cloud, and this also applies to banking.

Last but not least, Strands BFM solution generated huge interest around Money20/20 participants and many conversations with NAM, LAC and APAC banks visiting the show.