Strands Meta-Aggregation to provide retail banking customers worldwide with their full financial picture

Strands, a leading FinTech company that offers experience-driven banking software solutions is proud to introduce Strands Meta-Aggregation, the latest upgrade of its external account aggregation product.

Strands Meta-Aggregation is a powerful tool enabling banks to offer the most requested mobile banking feature: the ability to view all accounts – financial and otherwise – in one convenient place.

Thanks to an innovative dynamic Brokering System that leverages multiple data sources simultaneously, both banks and customers benefit from a 360° overview: banks know and understand their customers better, and users get a holistic overview of all their accounts. The result? Strands Meta-Aggregation empowers users to make more informed decisions about how to save, spend and manage their money in a much more convenient way.

“We are delighted to announce the upgrade of our aggregation offering, which will support FIs that use the service in becoming their customer’s primary bank,” said Strands CEO Erik Brieva.

What does it mean to become a customer’s primary bank? It means the bank is that customer’s one-stop-shop for all things spending-related. Their mobile banking app is on every customer’s home screen because they can view all their accounts – even from non-financial entities – quickly and easily.

Strands will also offer the highest degree of flexibility on the market in terms of delivery of aggregation services. “It’s no secret that aggregation is quickly becoming a commodity – banks are far better off implementing it sooner than later,” said Product Manager Albert Morales. “As with all our white-label FinTech solutions, Strands is prepared to adapt to the specific aggregation needs of any FI around the world, delivering exceptional service and maximum uptime at a lower cost than any other provider.”

“The key is the dynamic Broker Engine we have built to optimize connections by leveraging multiple data sources simultaneously,” he continued. “The engine will always choose the optimal connection with the highest availability to one of our many aggregation service provider partners. That way, the bank gets more reliable services at a lower cost, and the user gets a frictionless digital banking experience – everybody wins.”

To learn more about Strands Meta-Aggregation, check out the Product page or contact us.