Strands, recognized by the financial industry as “The Fintech Partner for Banks”, is pleased to announce the launch of its new technology blog,  

Strands Tech Corner features posts written by all the employees that build our products: developers, data scientists, designers, product owners, devops, quality engineers, etc.” said Pablo Reyes, VP Engineering of Strands. “We will share our experiences in the best way we know: with real case examples, showing our day-to-day challenges, and our failures and successes”.

This new blog reflects the brand’s continuing commitment to the use of technology to help people make decisions in a more effective way. “At Strands, we have been innovating in technology for 15 years, in which we have had the opportunity to research, test, create and innovate with dozens of technologies and methodologies,” said Reyes. “Now, the Strands Tech Corner is a fundamental stepping stone in sharing our experience so you can improve your tech stack, make better decisions, and save some time trying things we’ve already tried.”