Strands has announced the launch of its new corporate image. The change of the brand identity goes in line with the new product strategy and vision of Erik Brieva, who was appointed as a new CEO of Strands in April 2014. “My top priority is to boost the company’s success and to continue to stoke the fires of innovation that has made Strands a global leader in the area of personalization and recommendation for both banking and retail markets,” said Mr. Brieva.

The new brand identity is centered around the core values of Strands: innovation, design and simplicity. The new corporate color (dark turquoise) and the new style of the logo follow the criteria of beautiful, simple and functional design. “We believe that great design is crucial in everything that we do, be it the design of our products or brand image,” said Mr.Brieva. Furthermore, the brand identity is universal for all the business units – Strands Finance and Strands Retail.

Based on the new identity and strategy, Strands is working on a new corporate website that will be launched in August 2014. The new website will become the center stage to communicate to the world the new proposition and product portfolio of the company. This launch will become an important milestone in the history of Strands.