From 10-11 March, Strands was in Milan to sponsor the 16th annual Marketforce conference: The Future of Retail Banking. With over 150 top retail banking executives in attendance, Strands was among those speaking from the future, which for FinTech leaders like Strands, has already arrived!




General Manager Dario Lombardi gave a stellar presentation on the secrets of winning the FinTech race, including (but not limited to):

  • transforming threats into opportunities in the competitive & dynamic digital banking landscape
  • leveraging the value of Big Data and digital channels (“Big data & digitalization are banks’ most valuable assets,” he noted)
  • seizing new opportunities to increase loyalty and generate additional sources of revenue

Especially well-received was the section detailing how banks can integrate digital money management tools with Card-Linked Offers to reach new levels of customer engagement.


Dario presenting


“It is no longer enough to simply deliver offers to your retail banking customers,” affirmed Dario in his top-voted presentation. “The offers must also be tailor-made, intuitive and easy to use.” Based on participant feedback, Dario scored the highest out of more than 30 keynote speakers over the 2-day conference.

As one of the proud sponsors of the event, Strands also hosted a special lunch with top executives from leading European banks.

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