On February 10, Strands joined 72 of the world’s most innovative FinTechs selected to demo Strands Discovery at Finovate Europe in London. Two weeks later, Finovate waves are still resonating through the FinTech world.


Finovate Europe 2016: Strands Takeaways

Finovate was a watershed moment for Strands. We took the spotlight on Day 2 to launch Strands Discovery.

The innovative beauty of Strands Discovery is that it empowers business bank employees – not just Big Data experts – to explore every kind of data to find nuances, patterns and behavioral insights instantly and interactively. Gone are the million-row spreadsheets or thousand-page reports that answer limited number of questions. Thanks to this solution, bankers can directly explore customer insights and view results as comprehensive graphics in a modern, web-based application. What’s more, it’s designed to integrate perfectly within your existing banking infrastructure – no need to build anything from scratch. Check out the explainer video below:

Strands Discovery demo at Finovate Europe 2016 from Strands on Vimeo.

Strands Chief Innovation Officer Marc Torrens, who was interviewed by Fintech Finance at the event, said: “There is a disconnection between banks and customers, Big Data and helps bridge that gap. Finovate Europe is the ideal place to spread the news about Discovery. It’s also great to encounter new ideas, and offers many opportunities to contact with other innovative companies and banks in general.”

Watch the rest of Marc’s interview with Fintech Finance here. Also representing Strands were General Manager Pau Velando, Marketing Manager Victoria Yasinetskaya and VP of Product Strategy Luis Rodriguez.




With just 7 minutes to demo, Marc and Luis revealed Discovery to an unprecedented crowd of over 1500 FinTech innovators, banking professionals and analysts. Watch the entire demo below:



During the networking session, Strands Discovery was met with an excellent reception from bankers and analysts alike. At the event and beyond, the concept resonated well:

  • According to Benjamin Ensor of Forrester Research: “If robo-advice was the most popular theme, personalization struck me as the most important one. In one way or another, at least a dozen of the exhibitors including Strands are using technologies like predictive analytics and machine learning to help financial firms engage customers with relevant and helpful messages based on an individual customer’s context. Financial firms have a few years to demonstrate relevance before other firms start showing how to deliver more relevant advice and recommendations using their customers’ financial data.”
  • For Oliwia Berdak from Forrester, Strands Discovery was one of the highlights from Day Two. “Companies like Strands are steadily building a convincing story of what incumbents can do to with their rich customer data….”
  • Strands also made waves at bobsguide, who published a feature on Discovery preceding its launch. Read the full story here.



FinovateEurope is a demo-based conference showcasing the latest and greatest financial and banking technology innovations from hot young startups and leading established companies. For more information on the event or to view videos of previous demos, please visit finovate.com