Strands demos to MasterCard, Microsoft & more at D-RAFT Corporate Demo Day

On 22 September, Strands joined some of the most innovative scaling startups in Europe to demo at the D-RAFT Demo Day in Warsaw.

D-RAFT Corporate Demo Days are designed to connect best ready-to-scale, late stage startups in one area with corporations that want to buy, partner or invest in disruptive solutions.


D-RAFT Corporate Demo Day

Strands was selected among 10 innovative startups to receive the opportunity to present their solutions (including AI & digital disruption, big data & machine learning, human to technology, exponential technologies) in an 8-minute Finovate-style pitch to corporate executives and participate in individual matching sessions with our partners, including MasterCard, HPE, Microsoft, EY and more.


About D-RAFT

D-RAFT is fully dedicated to supporting big companies in finding ready-to-scale startups and turning their technologies and products into new businesses. They have spent the last decade helping corporations innovate and are now connecting ready-to-scale startups with resources and relations of leading regional and multinational corporations.