Strands has been named a leader in Celent’s newly published “AI in the UI: Leaders differentiate themselves” report, which evaluates worldwide vendors delivering corporate banking applications.

Due to the insight generation capabilities of its product suite, Strands is now one of the technology vendors that are “leading the charge in artificial intelligence in the user interface,” the report reads.

Specifically, Strands has been deemed an innovator among artificial intelligence specialists that focus on financial services. In its report, US-based Celent highlights Strands’ software’s ability to transform transaction data into real-time insights and advice.

Such features are especially significant in the SME banking landscape, where access to actionable insight and personalized recommendations is required to stay ahead of the curve and get to know, help and monetize clients.

AI Focused - Financial Services

“We are very proud of this recognition, which showcases our ability and consistency in providing AI-based, added-value solutions to our customers” Strands’ CEO Erik Brieva said, noting that the company’s value proposition “has been boosted by the launch of a new generation of our Engager solution, as well as by strategic partnerships.”

Strands’ Engager helps banks and financial institutions to transform complex data into relevant customer insights in real time. The solution leverages technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine value to provide a novel way to engage with users and effortlessly advise them towards their financial goals.

As for partnerships, Strands is working with Mastercard to provide issuing banks with an integrated platform of digital cash management and commercial payment tools specifically designed to benefit their SME customer base.