Watch Strands Demo BFM at Finovate Fall

From September 8-9 2016, Strands joined FinTech’s most innovative companies to demo our SME banking solution Strands BFM at the fall edition of Finovate in New York City. As always, Finovate waves are still resonating through the FinTech world two weeks later. Here’s a brief look back at the year’s most anticipated FinTech event:

Strands BFM demo Finovate Fall


Finovate Fall was a smashing success for Strands. We took the spotlight on Day 2 to demo Strands BFM – the the end-to-end white-label solution designed specifically for SME banking. Learn more about Strands BFM here.

Leading the charge of Strands Finovaters was VP Sales and Operations Cesar Richardson, who was interviewed by Mondato at the event: “To me, banks are going to shift away from being transactional entities to repositories. Banks do not currently have a culture around monetizing data, which is where they will have to inevitably go if they want to remain profitable. To be able to collect that data, you need to have clients spend time on your channel.” Read the rest of Cesar’s interview here. Also representing Strands was Directer of Sales (North America) Sharif Penniman.


With just 7 minutes to demo, Cesar & Sharif showcased Strands BFM to a record-breaking crowd of over 1250 FinTech innovators, banking professionals and analysts. Watch the demo below:


During the networking session, Strands BFM was phenomenally well-received by bankers and analysts alike. “These folks are huge internationally,” said William Mills of William Mills Agency. “I’m glad to see them here at Finovate and find out what’s new with the company. Now they are showing a SMB financial health dashboard which is cool as most PFM type demos are only for consumer retail banking.”

Strands BFM Finovate Fall


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