On February 10-11 2015, Strands proudly counted itself among FinTech’s 72 most innovative companies selected to present at the European edition of Finovate 2015 in London. Two weeks later, Finovate waves are still resonating through the FinTech world. Here’s a brief look back at the event through the eyes of Strands.



FinovateEurope was a groundbreaking moment for Strands. We took the spotlight on Day 1 to launch Strands Loop – an all-in-one digital banking platform that combines our award-winning PFM, brand-new BFM & Card-Linked Offers. Read more about Strands Loop here.

Leading the charge of Strands Finovaters was General Manager Dario Lombardi, who was interviewed by Fintech Finance at the event: “Finovate is great for two main reasons,” he said. “One, it’s fantastic for networking, and two: it’s the perfect place to get inspired by new ideas.” Watch the rest of Dario’s interview with Fintech Finance here. Also representing Strands were Business Development Director Cesar Richardson, Marketing Manager Victoria Yasinetskaya and Product Manager Ivan Tarradellas.




With just 7 minutes to present, Dario & Cesar (or should we say, Vito Corleone & “Mr. Busybee”) unveiled Strands Loop to a record-breaking crowd of over 1250 FinTech innovators, banking professionals and analysts. Watch the demo below:




During the networking session, Strands Loop received very positive feedback from bankers and analysts. “There’s simply nothing like it,” Marketing Manager Victoria Yasinetskaya  noted on the audience reaction. “The BFM proposition is especially unprecedented.” Dario added, “Banks have two amazing assets that they need to leverage: one is the digital aspect, and two is the data they collect on people.”

At the event and beyond, the Strands Loop message resonated well:

  • According to Benjamin Ensor of Forrester Research: “Strands [has] developed impressive capabilities to deliver relevant offers to customers based on their location or other context. Executing this well at scale is really hard, because you need enough scale to make it work for merchants […] I’m so impressed by the work of firms like Strands in combining multiple innovations to create new sources of value. The vast majority of European financial firms have yet to implement more than a handful of these innovations…”
  • For Katie Nachshon from Mapa Research, Strands Loop was one of the top picks from Day One. “Strands demonstrated their product, Loop, an innovative BFM platform providing business owners with a personalized banking experience…”
  • Strands Loop also made waves in the SME world, getting nods from both SME Finance Forum and SME Insider, who hailed the platform as “one of the best new technologies to supercharge SME growth.” 

In all, Finovate Europe was a great success. Victoria reflects: “Strands was able to cement our leadership position – we came away with the feeling that we are ahead of the game, and well-aligned with the current trends in the banking industry.” Although Strands did not come away with a Best of Show this time, the popular digital vote speaks for itself!





FinovateEurope is a demo-based conference showcasing the latest and greatest financial and banking technology innovations from hot young startups and leading established companies. For more information on the event or to view videos of previous demos, please visit finovate.com