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Faced with the need to differentiate their business proposition amid huge competition, Swiss bank PostFinance has partnered with Strands to create their e-Cockpit Personal Financial Management (PFM).

With greater demand from customers to digitalize and simplify their banking, banks have been obliged to rethink their offering, with a view to creating an edge over the others. In Switzerland, despite the presence of large global banks, PostFinance is one of the leading financial institutions and the number one in terms of financial transactions. It has gone a long way to leaving a firm footprint in terms of digital money management.

PostFinance customers particularly value the organizational aspects of their digital banking service. Oliver Hold, Product Manager for Digital Banking in Berne, says their goal is clear:

“We at PostFinance focus heavily on user experience and putting “joy” into banking. Our online customers seem to find our tools such as transaction categorization, analysis and budgeting towards a specific saving goal especially enjoyable, as it gives them back a sense of control over their finances”

E-Cockpit provides an overview of the user’s finances and the option of viewing all PostFinance bank accounts on one easy-to- use dashboard, the aim being “simple money handling” and an optimized user experience. As a state-owned bank, PostFinance has the added benefit of being accessible to all its clients, including those with disabilities.

They cater to the needs of a wider population, and as such, demonstrate their vocation to serve the public, both through their range of services and their implication on a social level. For PostFinance the future holds great things; with their current banking solutions and others in the pipeline, they will undoubtedly be at the forefront of banking innovation in the Swiss market.


PostFinance, founded in 1906, is one of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions, and is the financial services unit of Swiss Post. It is the fifth largest retail financial institution in Switzerland and handles most of the country’s financial transactions.


Strands is the FinTech partner for banks. With the mission of delivering the very best in digital money management software (PFM, BFM), Strands leverages more than 10 years’ expertise in Big Data and machine learning. Today, Strands powers FinTech innovation in over 450 banks and serves more than 100 million banking customers worldwide.