Strategic business model change, without cutting corners. Comply with data protection legislation, but go beyond the merely tactical.

Become a central marketplace, aggregating 3rd party services and facilitating secure data sharing.

Be the connecting platform to incorporate invoicing and accounts in one place, simplifying personal and business finance management processes.

What are the benefits of Open Banking?

Benefits for Banks

  • Become customers’ bank of choice. One platform, multiple services: everything in one place.
  • Increased revenue from new, less-conventional channels. Enhanced service offering.
  • Greater customer retention, engagement and loyalty.
  • 360º access to customer financial data.

Benefits for Retail Customers

  • Greater choice of banking services.
  • More transparency and access to transactional information.
  • Data sharing is safe and can be stopped by customer at any time.
  • Your information will only be shared with your explicit consent.

Benefits for SME Customers

  • All financial information in one place.
  • Integration with accounting and cash flow management tools such as Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Compare accounts and choose the one that offers the best solutions.
  • Ability to secure loans, despite lack of credit history.

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