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Empower and guide your retail, SME’s and wealth customers to a real financial wellness and have a holistic view of their current, past and future financial situation.
Grow and increase customer loyalty and boost your bottom line with Strands’ white-label, AI-powered software solutions.
Get an edge over the competition, speed up internal processes, and help reap the benefits of a more engaged relationship with your customers.
Become your customers’ primary bank by offering them the ability to connect to third-party services and view all their accounts in one place.

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Improve your top-line growth, by bringing more people to your products

Innovate, accelerate and drive your digital transformation, offering your customers an unparalleled money management and digital banking experience.

Improve your SME’s capabilities, for them to focus on their business growth

Empower them providing financial planning and management services and help them optimize their business successfully.

Become a central marketplace, thanks to our enabling technology: Be the connecting platform aggregating 3rd party services

Be the connecting platform to incorporate invoicing and accounts in one place, simplifying personal and 360º business finance management processes.


A Green Banking Future with the Carbon Footprint Score

Adapting to the new era of green banking to help customers make better, more sustainable choices

Climate change affects every economic sector, and therefore is no longer considered just an environmental threat. Climate-related risks also pose physical and transitional risks to the financial sector. Global commitments to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the core of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, kickstarting what we call “the green banking era”.

More than the 33% of Millennials and Gen Z consider climate change as the main threat of their generation, and more than 70% of this target would like to work for a company with a firm sustainability policy. The majority of consumers (73%) would change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

Following this trend and aside from offsetting CO2 emissions internally, banks and financial institutions are putting in place ecosystemic offerings that help their customers understand their carbon footprint and then contribute to the development of a sustainable world by offering green banking services, compensation activities, and promoting local businesses.

In Strands, we know the reduction in domestic carbon emissions is a shared goal all over the different industries and that’s why we want to help banks and financial institutions to integrate Carbon Footprint Score into our product suite solutions.

Find out how our experts can help you:

  • Monitoring and delivering customer’s carbon footprint based on their consumption habits
  • Enabling better-informed choices by highlighting the relative carbon footprint of different purchases.
  • Shift spending behavior towards sustainable alternatives
  • Encourage customers to set sustainable goals and recommend relevant products or funds to those who are interested in reducing their own impact on the environment.