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Our BFM software empowers banks with an optimal accounting and bookkeeping offering, to provide SMEs with state-of-the-art Business Financial Management.


A SME Banking platform to upscale Business Financial Management

Increase Engagement

Become the everyday companion of your SME customers, increasing loyalty engagement across all digital channels.

Personalized Journey

Create personalized journeys for any business owner, bringing their digital banking experience to the next level.

Enhance Turnover

Empower SME customers to effectively save money and maximize your cross-selling opportunities.

How it works

Digital Banking solutions for every business goal

Leverage Open Finance to build trust

Investing Personalized Banking Insights Strands Use CaseEmpower your SME customers with full control over their payment cycle thanks to financial aggregators that provide invoicing reconciliation in one place.

  • Match their bank accounts view with Account Payables and Account Receivables view.
  • Enable effortless reconciliation for a 360-degree view through financial data aggregators to gather and analyze user data.
  • Inform your customers about when their invoices are being paid.

Become a reliable partner for your SME customers

Cashflow and Invoicing Personalized Banking Insights Strands Use CaseAllow your customers to have an overview of their future cash flow and make better decisions by leveraging data enrichment.

  • Help SME owners analyze and understand cash flow.
  • Provide them a clear overview to avoid any liquidity risks
  • Target personalized insights to enable them to promptly react

Make your app the go-to point for business owners

Liquidity Risk Personalized Banking Insights Strands Use Case
Don’t let late payments affect your SME customers’ daily financial operations. Once their invoices are synchronized, they will be able to:

  • Stay up to date with their payments thanks to specific insights with the suggested next best action
  • Have a clear overview to avoid future surprises and gain better financial control

Allow SMEs to focus on their growth without forgetting their taxes

Liquidity Risk Personalized Banking Insights Strands Use Case
Custom thresholds allow business financial goals to be met in a faster and smarter way, from company events to VAT predictions.

  • Monitor how your customers’ business is handling taxes over a selected period.
  • Generate custom insights, suggesting special budgets that will help them effectively achieve their financial goals.


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Success Stories

Companies all around the world boost their businesses with our digital banking solutions

Banco BPM
Banco Cooperativo Español

Strands BFMStrands Engager


Creating a Personalized Experience Tailored To Real Needs

STEP 4 Business is the first fully-fledged digital marketplace of products and services designed for SMEs, in “Amazon Style”.

Strands BFMStrands Engager


HSBC’s Transformation as a Bank for Small Businesses

Kinetic, a machine learning-driven BFM platform that empowers SME owners in the UK to manage their finances properly.


We are a Global Leader with a proven track record in the Fintech industry

Unrivaled service model for all sizes

Our solutions can be consumed via SaaS on private cloud for EU, on AWS for US, multi-cloud or legacy systems.

Data analytics at the core with real-time technology

Leverage ML categorization enrichment engine and analytics model to detect real time events based on customers behavior.

Top skilled people sharing their expertise

Our professionals will support you during solution design, implementation and after go live phase.

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