Oscar Sala, VP of Product Strategy at Strands, represented Strands at the recent Payments 360º Conference held in Athens, on July 12th.

Sala, who also co-chairs the Mobey Forum Open Banking Working Group and is leading debate on advances in the banking industry, demonstrated how a shift in banking paradigms is currently underway, in which the focus is now entirely on the customer and their experience, rather than the transaction or payment itself.  The emphasis is on payment as a means to an end, a vehicle to more comfortable and convenient living, and no longer on the bank and the products or services they offer.

Online and mobile banking are expected to adapt to the end-user’s lifestyle.  This is Relationship Banking, and it’s here to stay.

Attendees included the Greek Minister of Economy (pictured above center), Mastercard, National Bank of Greece, the Greek Association of e-commerce, and Strands’ partners in the region, Mellon, who sponsored the event.